Lyrics Poetry

Antidote For Dessert

I could be falling down, never to return
I could be learning how to love myself
Treading on the waves that cancel each other out
Leaving just the water I walk upon

You were a good minus one sometimes
It didn’t matter which one of us left the other behind
As long as we’re together, eye of a hurricane
As long as we’re apart, overcome with inner calm

It could have been different, if I had been stronger
It could have had ripples forward in time
Dreading the pain that comes with separation
Missing the one I left behind


Bitter Cold, Bitter Me

She was here and then she left. It’s not like it’s even been that long, but I still feel alone. This snow, and this pandemic, both are so isolating and depressing. On the rare occasions I feel depressed, I want to reach out.

But I can’t. Because I promised myself I would never go back. No one from the past.

For various reasons, I have shed people. Some are simply ghosts, disappearing without a trace and me, with no energy left to chase them. Many are gone for cause, good reasons I think. Not being a friend. Acting out their pasts on me. Taking advantage of my good nature, which fills my cynical cup up just a little more.

Some I loved, or could have loved, if not for that one fatal flaw. Some for a plethora of fatal flaws, but who’s counting? A few didn’t care to keep talking to me, so why should I try? You know, that situation where you decide to see what happens if you don’t always make the first move, send the first text… and then you never hear from them again.

So be it. I’ll wait for people who want my company. They’ll be worth it.


This Coffee Shop Is Disconnected

Will the carrot and stick method work when I want something sweet and I feel no pain?
You took it all away and left me with everything
A fantastic trick

Does it mean that everything is okay when I no longer hear the screaming?
With no sound, laughing and crying look the same
Silence is also an answer


Have A Look At Yourself

If you really don’t care about anyone
Why do you have notifications on?
Why don’t you make your vacations long?
Why are your celebrations so wrong?

Do you need someone?
Don’t they have to come to you?
Do you need somebody new
Maybe you need some rest
What are you going through?
Have you had a good look at you?

Are you dumb enough to come out of the rain?
Won’t it wash you clean?
Maybe the pain of the cold
Is just what you need?

Don’t you need someone?
Do they have to be a certain way?
Would it do to have anyone
Maybe your restlessness
Is a warning sign?
Have you had a good look at you?


Cancel Sandman

Delete the dream police. Cancel sandman. The rain will soothe and cleanse. The audience pretends.

Void the mystic doormen. Bouncers bounce at Simon’s orders. The pain will groove and shred. The audience is dead.

Smile against the fire. Token esteem wasted in the first scene. The lovers will join your fight. The audience was right.

Scream into the twilight. Sunset boulevard car crash. The others set you on fire. The audience a choir.

This shadow isn’t big enough for the both of us. You’ll have to get into mine, or be left behind. Should have stepped up. Instead you messed up. And all the string and feelings and wine and music can’t fix it.

I can unbreak this egg. Can you unswallow that bitter pill?

Lyrics Poetry

A New Year In Every Time Zone

I’m feeling ‘inside’ today
Watching the rain or the snow
A fire to guide me
To my own private spaces
Inner reflections
Entering a new year
Like opening a door
To a room I just discovered

It’s a metaphor
What is this ‘meta’ for?
What is this medicine for?
I hope I feel okay

Not feeling too alive today
Watch me complain again
My own thoughts guide me
To unexplored territory
Entering interesting
Exiting expectations
Leaving me behind
Like opening up
To old flames and new lovers

It’s a metaphor
What is this ‘meta’ for?
What is this medicine for?
I hope I feel okay

Lyrics Poetry

This Reality Thing Is Going Viral

Crushing all these moments
Airbound stepping stones
Pressured into diamonds
Only far less faceted

Aching for connections
Pen pals for playmates
It’s my real neck on your fake block
A sword of homecoming

This could catch on
The graphics are amazing
Effects surreal
Costumes and playthings
This could take off
Upward downward spiral
Wrapped around our fingers
Reality goes viral

In and out and in again
It’s all just molecules
Breathe in and breathe out again
Running up that hill with problems

Waiting for rejection
Words on screen are screaming
It’s your real foot on my fake chest
A day of wrecking feelings


Guru Voodoo

In dreams, love is real
The gossamer threads catch and hold
Spun sugar, like candyfloss
Sweeter and better
In reality, love is a twisted mountain path
Winding upward
With no quest
And no idea of who or what
Awaits at the top

Lyrics Poetry

Help Me Hide The Bodies

I heard around town that my sanity had died
Not yours, just mine, the way I heard it
Where did I get the idea that I could ever finish it?
I took it from somebody who took it from somebody who took it from somebody else

I feel good sometimes
When I say ‘jump’ you say too busy or too tired
Are you the one, or just someone
I dig tonight

I heard around town that my spirit had died
I was pushing it too hard and it finally gave up
Where did I get the idea – well it was mine but considering
I got it from inside me, got it from inside me, got it from deep inside

I feel good sometimes
When I say ‘jump’ you say too busy or too tired
Are you the one, or just someone
I dig tonight

I heard it through the grapevine that my love had died
Every kiss begins with “hey, what are you doing?”
Where did I get the idea that you would ever be with me?
I misread the signs, misread the signs, misunderstood your sighs

I thought I knew what I wanted
At least what I wanted tonight
I’m a five minute phoenix
Dying and coming back to life

Help me

I feel good sometimes
When I say ‘jump’ you say too busy or too tired
Are you the one, or just someone
I dig tonight


It’s Too Cold To Die

Dispense with the grainy film life, like a silent film where cards spell out everything, because life isn’t easy. When the waves crash over us both, they may pull us under and they may cast us onto the land, and there’s no way of knowing until we get out there. It’s scary and terrifying and necessary. The shards of breaking waves slice our skin and pour salt into the wounds. Pain is nothing compared to the feeling of your smile, like sunlight on my face.

This frozen wasteland is my heart. Is it preserved for the right moment, or destroyed for all time? Again, tragedies must happen for triumphs to have impact, for they are the settings in which a triumph’s jewel sits, glittering. What happened back there is a titanium platinum alloy, unbreakable and just your size, and right in the center is the jewel that is my icy heart, multifaceted and clear, the highest quality, nothing but the best for you.

How many deaths I had to die just to get it right, but it was all worth it.