The Candle Flickers

A throttle to slow down and reverse, backing out of dead ends and alleyways, one way streets and cul-de-sacs. Typo? Negative. This sentence had the subject it needed, which is this sentence. Another sentence, the longest one yet, was soon to come to an end.

Sometimes love takes a while. A lifetime, or five minutes. Sometimes both. We had a false start, where our broken pieces stuck each other. We had to adjust and twist and fix ourselves a little bit, studying us to see how they could fit.

You study my depths so you can dive in them, exploring my darkest secrets. You touch my insides fearlessly, as your skin touches mine. Your eyes light up and I feel your power on my skin. The autumn leaves blow around us, cloaking us in shameless carnality. We are soaking wet, having splashed through that fucking water on our way to forever.

I tiptoe across your skin, leaving nothing but blue electric prints on your thighs and brilliant red marks crackling on your backside. I glide across your curves, taking the tight turns recklessly and risking crashing into you with abandon. Your lips are an open invitation to pleasure, which I willingly accept. My gift to you is sensuously thoughtful, the kind that keeps on giving. I keep on giving it to you, and you accept it eagerly and quickly. You bare your throat to me, asking me to leave a mark. You’ve left an impression on my everything.

We are the scholars teaching each other about life and love, and we always finish our lessons with high marks. Your course for me is hard, but I’m up to the task. I make you stay after, keeping you for private lessons. We realize the lessons we’ve already learned, and eagerly await new experiences. We profess our undying love, and learn each other’s bodies instead.


Destiny And Honey

You straddle my feelings, not sure if you want to tip me to anger or sorrow, but passion and brambles are in my eyes. What are feelings, anyway, but the too-hot emotions that boil over and spill out onto your thighs? My sleepy eyes stay closed against your brilliance and honey. Coffee smells so good, but not as good as your jasmine and ocean breezes.

The battle between good and sleep continues in my mind, but you somehow champion delicious reasons to awaken. You always do. I open the vaults that contain my longing gaze, and show you my forever.


Gardens And Your Body, Juxtaposed

The moon was new like our love
It was a drone summer
Gardens properly trimmed and sculpted
Growing next to a radiant pool
From which we both emerged
You lay down beside me
I touched the bottoms of your feet
Gliding up your Achilles’
Worshipping your golden calves
Orchids and Asiatic lilies grew quietly
I traced an imaginary stocking hemline
Up the backs of your thighs
A tiny breath escaped your lips
The topiary mimicked the rounded curves of your posterior
Birds sang about them both
I brought my lips to the small of your back
(They were jealous of my hands, you see)
You purred, and all avian life paused for a moment
How restless your skin
As wind moved leaves, and your hair
How the sun glinted off the water
And your golden skin
The light must have gotten in my eyes
I closed them, and my lips found their way
To your glorious throat
My hands took different paths
Examining crevices and corners
You moved your hair
I obliged willingly, kissing you just there, and there, and there
No sound but the waves
No one watches our careful exploration
No witnesses to our crimes of passion


Bedroom Storm – Take Covers

Bashed you over the head with my feelings. I painted a picture with words, and a picture of words with paintings, painting word pictures on pages and walls and trees. Icicle frenzy gripped the monocle of the eye of the hurricane.

Tentative and certain, like a dance with the wrong music, I embrace your strangeness. Your brand of beauty is not available in stores. I couldn’t have tried more if I tried. You took me out of the friend zone, and put me in your bed with a whisper.

I whispered back silently, wordlessly, though I still used my tongue. You reacted just how I had hoped, and then some. Hope was the last thing in Pandora’s box, and I wanted to be the last thing in yours.

The hurricane looked away, blushing.


You Can’t Go Back

Idle twist with benefits, one, two, three. Desires that take thorns through skin, but never bleed. How many feelings does it take to get to the center of my soul? The world many never know. I may never know. It’s a secret that nobody knows.

Icicles form in summer skies dripping from my eyes. I am cold, and warmth took a holiday. Yet, I burn.

You can never go back. Ever. Back is a nuclear holocaust wrapped in plastic, so it’s toxic and can’t breathe, and skin ripples, and tears pour into wine glasses blood red so everyone can have one.

I revolve around a barycenter between me and the idea of you. Maybe it’s not the best idea I’ve ever had, but it seemed like a good one at the time. Shut up. Stop. Let me bring the center back inside myself and put it between my head and heart again.


Life, Love, And Sleeping In

Life imagines us piece by piece, creating us from raindrops and beach sand and autumn leaves. Colors, sadness and tranquility blown by the wind carve ruts in our skin, reminding us of what is missing. 

Love molds us with hands and caresses, asking us what we want, what shape we should take, how many times we should kiss, until the clouds and smoke bring us down to ground level, shaking the earth beneath our feet.



When we made mistakes
They were grand and majestic
When we admitted we were wrong
Well, we never did that
When we kissed our lives seemed to drop away
Our worries seemed to drop away
When we woke the next morning
We pretended to be late for something

I held the darkness in my golden arms
I tried to make the flowers grow
I danced alone in my imagining
I sat in the chair
And the radio reminded me of you

When I poured your wine
I was pouring you
When I drank a toast
I was drinking you
When I drank too much
I was full of you
When I fell asleep
I was dreaming you
I woke up and got up
And I was wanting you
I broke up and teared up
And it tore me down

I held the secrets in my memories
I tried to make them go away
I sang our songs to the atmosphere
And it sang back to me
The echoes of what never was


She Calls Me Home

She woke up and immediately knew she was alone. Sensing his absence from their plush bed was probably the catalyst. She threw on a silk robe and went on a hunt for him through the house they had built together.

She felt him deeply. Their connection had always been strong, but lately it had felt intense, as though they experienced the same senses with the same body. As though they were one. She felt a deep sadness, which concerned her.

She saw him through the glass door of his office, holding papers and glancing at his laptop, sobbing. She watched him, admiring his shoulders and his strength, but appreciating his vulnerability.

She silently opened the door, closing it behind her, and walked quietly around his desk to him. She took the papers out of his hands, sat in his lap facing him, and just held him dearly. He didn’t say a word. He just allowed her to be close, and put his arms around her, closing his eyes.

“Tell me.”

“I had a terrible dream. You were gone, and I couldn’t find you. You were lost to me, and I had to go back to the beginning, our beginning. I came down here half-asleep to read and experience how we began. To remember…”

“I’m right here. I’m never going anywhere.”

“I know, but… you had not simply left. You were dead. I couldn’t stand the thought of being without you. I had to feel all of you again, to bring you back. I can’t lose you.”

“It seems to have worked. Here I am, and I won’t ever leave you.”

She held him close, kissing his forehead and lips, and he visibly relaxed, still sobbing. He held her tighter than she had ever known, relaxing in tranquil bliss.

He had her, and she gave him happiness. He thought of all the times they had shared, all the experiences, and smiled. Like a switch that had been flipped, he suddenly became exquisitely aware of the feel of her skin on his, of their glowing love for one another, the mysterious way time flew by and stopped when they were together.

“I love you.” He was moved by her beauty, her long hair, her deep eyes that captivated him, her delicious curves beneath the silk. He was also moved by her devotion to him, and the total happiness and contentment he felt when he was with her. She had changed his life in so many ways.

“I love you, too.” He stood up with her still in his arms, and headed upstairs back to bed. She wouldn’t let him feel this sadness ever again. How could he? She was everything, and she was right here.

The robe fluttered to the floor…

Poetry Prose

Mysterious Person Singular

Your eyes, and you are so unsure. You, singular.
We’re unsure.
I’m uncertain of any given moment, any given time, any given motive or meaning. But I hope this helps.

When I fly, and the drink cart comes around, I don’t ask for water, or carbonated beverages. I always ask for tomato juice. The reason is that when you ask for a carbonated beverage or water, they pour you half a can over ice, and save the rest for the next person. But people rarely order tomato juice. When I order that, they always give me the whole can. It could spoil if they risk keeping it, and no one orders it. I get it all to myself.

You are that. You, mysterious person singular. Maybe no one else wants you, or asks about you. But I do. I want all of you. I want to experience every bit of you, all I can, before you disappear, and you will. Before someone or something takes you away, and they will. I want to be up in the clouds, enjoying you, knowing you, knowing that you’re all mine for that given moment, that given time, no motive, perhaps no meaning other than mutual enjoyment.

I want to be the only one who holds you.

Lyrics Poetry

Missing Everything

A fever
Taking you out so you don’t have it all
Making out like you still want it all
I’m leaving
You’re taking too long to make up your mind
Believe it
Believe it

When did it happen?
Is it happening now?
Can I make you forget it was you?
Is it something I caused?
Is it something I did?
Is it something I could hold you through?
How many times have you thought about this?
Should I try to make you change your mind?
How many lines do I write about this?
Should I be the one to cry this time?

I drop my eyes and look away
Cause I can’t think of anything to say
I close my eyes and just listen
Try to remember what it is about you I’m missing

I’ll figure me out so you don’t have to guess
About me
Scratching your head because I’m such a mess
A feeling
You’re not gonna believe what I said this time
Believe it
Believe it

When did it happen?
Is it happening now?
Can I make you forget it was you?
Is it something I caused?
Is it something I did?
Is it something I could hold you through?
How many times have you thought about this?
Should I try to make you change your mind?
How many lines do I write about this?
Should I be the one to cry this time?

I drop my eyes and look away
Cause I couldn’t think of anything to say
I close my eyes and just listen
Try to remember what it is about you I’m missing