I’m Not In Here With You, You’re In Here With Me


It’s Not You, It’s (How Much You Don’t Do It For) Me

Binge watching you break my heart
Plot twist in season two
I’m cancelled without a finale
The rally’s failed miserably
I have too
Fringe mocking me mercilessly
Haven’t found all the pieces yet
Guest starring in my own story
I’m not the hero
Is there any part of me left


Your Security Clearance Is Denied

You gave me nothing at all
Even when I gave you my best
You want me playing your song
But I’m not taking requests
You pushed me so I would fall
I don’t fall easily
You pushed me against the wall
You were just teasing me

I hope you break when I drop you
Hope I’m the person to stop you
Hope it gets worse for you
I hope it hurts for you
I hope you break when I drop you