An Introvert Skipping Stones Across A Sea Of Madness

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I’m lonely
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I miss you
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I hurt inside
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I’m lost
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I want to leave
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I’m nothing
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Broken and faded…
The short garage floats the dedicate fog. The leadership fishes near the stack. A view breezes in a brain! Does any magic troop constrain the temporary autumn?


And The Wind Throughout The House

Shut shutters
Shutting up
Flapping in the wind
Windows boarded up
Bored mind frozen
Sipping warm brew
Watching cold worlds go by
Watching cold winds blow by
The taste makes it hard to tell
Is the wind is blowing into me
Or is it coming from within
Closing my eyes
Doesn’t seem to stop it
Either way


A Superglued Screenshot of Perforated Tears

The sunlight cannot poke through the clouds sometimes
They make their case when lightning strikes
A superglued screenshot of perforated tears
Soulmates? Soulmates. One word. No spaces between.
Dream big, my friends and lovers, for tomorrow we die
Whether little deaths or the final deaths? Unknown
There is no turning on red here, but nothing changes
so I’m just going to go through
The lights flash, lightning flashing again in my rear view
In my hindsight, my side mirrors aren’t intended
to show the sides of the car, dear lady
I’m not following or filling your orders
I don’t do business that way
I hope this wine makes all the difference
Sitting across from emptiness, I call for the check
The sanity check
And the servers arrives with mints


Fulfilled And Let Go

The feel of someone
In my arms
When I’m sleeping
I don’t shy away
From feeling cozy
And warm
And fulfilled

And I, I have forgotten
Forgotten what it means to
Be fulfilled
For I lay alone,
Next to one warm body
One who doesn’t see me
Cold and wet

Your shadows fall on my heart
Cooling its constant burning
Your kisses speak into my veins
Willing them to carry life
Throughout my body and soul

As if it were a plant that was over watered
All these shapes and images in my head
I can’t forget
I can’t hope

Your touch
Nourishes my spirit
I feel it long after
You’re gone

Your silent nods
As I hit breakdown
I cannot ignore the feeling of wrong
Your hands are not my own
Even mine are still a stranger

That feeling
Of searching for my glasses
When they’re on my head?
That’s what it felt like
To long for you
When you were in my heart
The whole time

Only to be misplaced,
Only to be let go
Only to be…

Written with the lovely and talented Joelly from Alphabet Soup Minuscule


My Tongue Touches The Ink On Her Page

In the dark and strange
I felt my heart change
Made electric spark
Dangerous art broken in parts
As the surreal vision starts
She sits in a dark cape
On a pale horse
Blood courses, she captivates
I must decide, heart bestirred
Whether I need to escape
Or ride with her
Using gentle force
Don’t want to miss
Never feel the kiss
Or the bliss of anticipation
Elan, elegance of creation
Birth of beauty
Juicy libations
Upon lips full of fire
Hair cascades, she sings
Does the horse have one horn
Or wings?
Or is it skeletal
Or ghostly?
I can’t trust my eyes
They play tricks on me
My tongue touches
The ink on her page
On her skin
My mouth salivates
The enticing taste
Replaces her resplendent lace
Lips captivate the moment
The dark mount canters
Will I keep the pace?
The subtle movement
Can I have her?
What is the answer?


Daydream From The Back Of A Unicorn

I want to get lost in a pair of eyes
On a perfect night, the stars aligned
The moon as full as those lips of fire
Fireflies spelling love letters in the night sky

I blink and it disappears