Open the thirteenth door

  • A Very Good Post. I Enjoyed Reading It. Thanks For Sharing!

    July 17, 2019 by

    Alpha enigma omega mcguffinSensate ornate piledriver jackhammerChim-chiminey gimme gimmeShiv shiv in the backAn irresistible fascination with black cloudsAn irascible laceration spilling facts outAn irrational abjuration kills then backs outAn irredeemable condemnation fills with max doubtCoughing choking noxious vaporsOffing joking toxic capersDoffing smoking walking papersScoffing movers, boxing shakersDifficult not to feel thisGrab a corner and peel… Read more

  • Shadows And What’s Behind Them

    July 15, 2019 by

    Black ice flowed across his heart in that slow glacial way. He saw her emerge from the cocoon of automotive joy she had arrived in. Holding one hand out, he offered his assistance. She graciously accepted. She was wearing gloves, a 1950s affectation that had suited her well ever since her grandmother the movie star… Read more

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